Working with Artisans

Sadhna1Shopanthropic represents the unique creativity of our global network of artisans. We are currently working with artisans in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Many of these artisans are women from some of the most deprived and disadvantaged communities, with very little opportunities for self-development and growth and in most cases, their work and their identity both remain uncounted or undercounted and unseen. We give them a stage to share their stories, an ability to grow and the opportunity to better their lives and their communities. We are enabling change in small communities in partnership with non-profit organizations, cooperatives, NGOs, trusts, individual clusters, skill training groups, and social entrepreneurs.

Our designs are a compliation of ideas from the artisans and our design team. We work closely with our artisans through the design and production process. We work hard to empower our artisans to think about innovation in design.

From hand-crafted jewellery to hand-spun silk and from natural jute clutches to ethically-made hand-crafted home decor, our artisans apply their passion & training in creating pieces with meaning. The intricate work of our artisans will make it an easy choice for you to buy fashion accessories and gifts that have social meaning and direct impact.

Some of the artisan cooperatives and social development organizations that we support are:


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