[Article Round Up] Four Foolproof Sustainable Fashion Tips to Help You Build a More Ethical Wardrobe #ethicalfashion #fashion #sustainability #eco


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Everyone in the fashion supply chain is responsible for its impact on the planet, from designers and manufacturers to retailers and consumers. The Care Label Project, launched by AEG, is a global initiative connecting these players and encouraging them to execute positive changes towards an ethical fashion industry.

Its primary focus is on breaking non-sustainable garment care habits, but as part of its mission, it’s has partnered with Fashion Revolution to examine a garment’s entire lifecycle—from design to aftercare—and understand where key parties can make improvements.

Fashion Revolution Week marks the anniversary of the tragic Rana Plaza factory collapse on April 24, 2013. The incident killed over 1,000 people and injured thousands more at a garment factory in Bangladesh. Fashion Revolution challenges people to demand greater transparency in the fashion industry and to question where clothing comes from. Its manifesto is clear cut: “We want to unite the fashion industry and ignite a revolution to radically change the way our clothes are sourced, produced and purchased so that what the world wears has been made in a safe, clean and fair way.”

But as the Care Label Project rightfully highlights, we as consumers have a big role to play after purchasing clothes too; according to WRAP the way clothing is cared for contributes 25% of its carbon footprint. As well as saving energy and water, better aftercare could extend the life of garments, decrease the demand for new clothing and reduce non-sustainable production rates. So how can you make your clothing last longer and become a more ethical consumer of fashion?

With the Care Label Project and Fashion Revolution’s help, we’ve formulated four foolproof tips to help you on your way to building a more ethical and sustainable wardrobe: investing in quality clothing, rethinking care habits, utilizing modern washing technology, and restoring, reusing and recycling old clothes.


Read more: http://www.highsnobiety.com/2017/04/27/sustainable-fashion-ethical-shopping-tips/


The High Cost of Our Cheap Fashion | Maxine Bédat | TEDxPiscataquaRiver #ethicalfashion #sustainability #environment #eco #fashion


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Do you know where your clothes come from? The apparel industry is one of the biggest violators of both the environment and human rights. In this compelling and information-packed talk, co-founder of Zady Maxine Bédat shows how you can take back the power of your wardrobe, and feel better in (and better about) your clothes.

You are what you wear: Christina Dean at TEDxHKBU #ethicalfashion #sustainability #environment #eco #fashion


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An eye opening talk by Dr. Christina Dean, Founder and CEO of Redress, an NGO with a mission to promote environmental sustainability in the fashion industry.

The Wardrobe To Die For | Lucy Siegle | TEDxSalford #ethicalfashion #sustainable #fashion


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An expose on the fashion industry written by the Observer’s ‘Ethical Living’ columnist Lucy Siegle, examining the inhumane and environmentally devastating story behind the clothes we so casually buy and wear.

[Article Round up] 6 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day #Earthday #Sustainability #Environment #Ethicalfashion #Ecolifestyle #Earthmonth


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“It’s Earth Month. Which, to an eco-lifestyle evangelist like myself is pretty much akin to the premiere of Game of Thrones. And while many of us want to make a positive impact on the planet, knowing where to start can be tough. Which steps pack the biggest punch? Which habits are the hardest to change? You may already know why reducing our trash is key to lessening the very real climate change crisis. I say “our” because this is our collective problem, and thankfully, there are things we all can do to right this wrong.

If you’re not familiar with the “why” of these steps, here are some stunning facts: Americans create about 4.3 pounds of trash per person per day (that’s like carrying around a 30+ pound weight each week), a 169% increase from 1960. We can thank many things for this skyrocketing phenomenon: an increased national focus on convenience, busier lives, and the general accessibility of disposable options. And according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), while 75% of our waste is recyclable, only 30% of it actually gets recycled–and recycling requires loads of energy. Fortunately, a few simple shifts can help us reduce the amount of trash we create while still keeping our lives streamlined, efficient, and chic.”

Read more: http://www.glamour.com/sto






Sustainable Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks #ethicalfashion #sustainability #springcleaning


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That time of year is coming – when the sun comes out a little earlier, the weather gets a little warmer and our closets ache for something fresh. However, turns out our closets don’t quite have the room for new clothes! The solution – spring cleaning sustainably.

To avoid falling into the dark hole of fast fashion, here are some ideas:

1.       Do a swapping party: Get a killer playlist, some good wine and appetizers, and invite a couple friends over. Ask your guests to bring any unwanted wearable clothes they have, in order to share and trade fashions!

2.       Donate: Go through your closet with a mindset of “will I actually ever wear this again?” and if there answer is no – donate any wearable garments to those in need!

3.       Consider reorganizing: If you have no room, perhaps the solution is to create it. Consolidate and use space saving organizers, to build yourself a closet made for Sex in the City worthy scenes!

4.       Sell: It’s as easy as downloading an application and uploading a picture of your unwanted clothing – make some extra money and save some space in your closet!

There is no harm in freshening up and mixing up your styles as the weather changes – as long as it’s done responsibly. Have fun fashionistas!

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Happy Women’s Day! #BeBoldForChange #IWD2017 #womenempowerment #genderparity


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“Women are the real architects of society”

– Cher

Happy International Women’s Day 2017! This year, on International Women’s Day #BeBoldForChange. ‘Call on the masses or call on yourself to help forge a better working world – a more inclusive, gender equal world.’

Challenge bias and inequality.

Campaign against violence.

Forge women’s advancement.

Celebrate women’s achievement.

Champion women’s education


International Women’s Day is a global day that has been observed since the early 1900’s, celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating gender parity.

Sign the #BeBoldForChange pledge here: https://www.internationalwomensday.com/

Further action you can take

After you’ve socially shared your support as above, consider these further actions.

  1. Visit the IWD Resources page for ideas on what more you can do
  2. Download the IWD #BeBoldForChange selfie cards and visually share your support via social media
  3. Download the #BeBoldForChange posters and ask colleagues to write or add yellow sticky notes for their bold actions
  4. Embed the IWD #BeBoldForChange widget on your own website, intranet or communications and encourage others to take bold action
  5. Publish and promote an IWD event via the IWD website
  6. Publish a page, an article, news, video and more on the IWD website
  7. Be an ambassador and continuously encourage others to #BeBoldForChange and let your own actions lead the way
  8. Live the #BeBoldForChange ethos

She Shall Rise #womenempowerment #internationalwomensday #Girlpower


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In today’s world, she faces many struggles – social taboos, gender expectations, economic hardships, regional conflicts, glass ceilings.

She shall rise.

Her past has been adversities and let downs. Her future is uncertain and possibly, frightening.

She shall rise.

Daughter. Sister. Friend. Wife. Mother. Community member. Breadwinner. Fighter. Leader. Woman.

She shall rise.

She is the wife that was scarred in an acid attack committed by her own husband. She is the child that dreams of going to school, but cannot due to the social expectations of her community. She is the young woman who wants become a leader in her community and world, but struggles to defeat gender stereotypes and glass ceilings.

She shall rise.

As International Women’s Day comes upon us (March 8), let’s celebrate women that are underrepresented, underprivileged or facing adversities, and are still striving to rise above these challenges. Let’s celebrate women that are daughters, sisters, friends, wives, mothers, community members, breadwinners, fighters, leaders, inspirations.

“The question isn’t who’s going to let me; it’s who’s going to stop me.” —Ayn Rand


She shall rise.


[Article Round Up]  The Ivanka Trump Brand’s Supply Chain Is Seemingly Untraceable #Fashion #Ethicalfashion #fastfashion


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Read more: http://www.racked.com/2017/2/10/14576282/ivanka-trump-brand-supply-chain-project-just

“On Thursday, non-profit consumer education organization Project Just published a deep-dive investigation into the Ivanka Trump clothing line.

 This wasn’t unusual. The company, which aims to make fashion a more sustainable, ethical, and transparent industry, is built largely on comprehensive investigations into the supply chains of different brands, the results of which they share on their online wiki. Ivanka Trump was an obvious subject in light of boycotts led by GrabYourWallet, which may or may not have caused Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus to back away from the line. Plus, community users had specifically requested the investigation. The reason it was unusual — enough to warrant a behind-the-scenes look at the investigation process itself — was that they found nothing.

Project Just discovered no code of ethics, no sustainability reports, no human rights policies.

With five researchers working in six countries over the course of a month, and despite contacting spokespeople, sales reps, and brand employees, Project Just discovered no code of ethics, no sustainability reports, no human rights policies. A shipping list pointed to factories in China and Indonesia, but no factories were at the addresses, and calls to the phone numbers listed went unanswered. The 12-employee business offers paid maternity leave to new mothers, but revealed no policies ensuring fair wages, safe working conditions, or health care to the women working at every other level of manufacturing — despite Ivanka Trump’s emphasis on empowering working women. Project Just uncovered no evidence that the brand (whose manufacturing and distribution is handled by licensing group G-III Apparel) knows anything that goes on within its own supply chain — or, at least, is willing to share what it knows.”

[Article Round Up] The Indian Goddess: The Embodiment Of Female Empowerment #womenempowerment #genderequality #Hinduism


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Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/sherina-rathor/the-indian-goddess-the-em_b_14653002.html

“Hilary Clinton recently expressed her feelings that she ‘remain[s] convinced that the future is female.’ Yes, it’s wonderful that Ms. Clinton is hopeful that the twenty-first century and beyond will be female and great, but isn’t this hopefulness a slight dampener as there is still a clear underlying tone that, maybe we’re still living in a society that fails to see the greatness of a woman’s power and intelligence? Are we still, I hasten to say, of the perception that women are not quite there yet to stand side by side with men, and that women have had the wool pulled over their eyes for the last century? Interestingly enough Hinduism has prized women since its inception with numerous female goddesses that embody power to its very core.

The Hindu religion is the oldest living religion today; around five thousand years old. It revered animals and humans respectively and even more so, women. Goddesses were worshipped just as much as gods and they were endowed with some of the most prominent powers and energies. Consider how progressive this really was given the time; a time when it was men that represented the powers of the universe.

Three of the most worshipped female deities of Hinduism are: Lakshmi the goddess of wealth and fortune; Kali the goddess that destroys evil forces and Durga the goddess and mother of the universe. Even today, Hindus around the world carry out powerful pujas (prayers) for all three. I have a strong faith in all three and this faith gives me the confidence and drive to work hard; the positive energies to remove all evils around me and the appreciation of the world around me. It is my admiration of what these three goddesses embody that gives me the strength to take on each day with happiness, ambition, passion, positivity and being proud of being a woman. Even if you’re not a believer, you can appreciate just how amazing these female deities are; they can hold their own in a universe that is unavoidably incomprehensible, they do so much good and wield so much power that you can only be in awe of them. Even if you’re not a believer you can try to identify with their traits and powers and wield these yourself. By us women echoing their very nature, we can ensure that we break those metaphorical glass ceilings and achieve anything and everything.

While Clinton and many prominent females today have rallied women around the globe to project their voices and be heard, remember that the images and scriptures of the Hindu goddesses, have actually been doing this for centuries. We’ve been celebrating the power, intelligence and sanctity of women for so long, it’s only natural and inherent to us. That’s not to say that culturally, things have changed these very ideas and notions, but women are strong enough today as they were centuries ago to demonstrate their extraordinary abilities.”