Corporate Gifts

Looking for a unique way to thank your employees, greet your clients or represent your brand?

cross_gift2Shopanthropic offers an extensive corporate gifting program that allows large and small companies access to a wide array of high-quality promotional and gifting products that are affordable, unique and best-of-all, socially-conscious. Let your corporate gifts be an extension of your corporate social responsibility and brand.The beautifully crafted Shopanthropic collection features products that will help your organization give back to the community or planet, while giving back to your employees, clients and partners, conference attendees and customers. You can be sure these ethically-made gifts won’t be collecting dust unlike the usual corporate branded items.

In addition to our Shopanthropic collection, we offer custom-designed corporate gifts.

To request a product catalogue and to discuss your corporate gifting requirements and timeframe, please contact us at


1 thought on “Corporate Gifts”

  1. These people centered ideas are fantastic to implement in any office environment!

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