About Us

Our WorkShopanthropic is an ethical fashion label, creating fashion accessories and gifts that are ethically made, fair trade and/or eco friendly.

We provide you, the consumer, a platform to effectively use your buying power to make a difference in an artisan’s life. By buying an ethically made product, you are helping an artisan grow their micro-business/co-op and build a sustainable livelihood for their families and communities.

We represent the unique creativity of our global network of artisans. We are currently working with artisans and cooperatives in India, Nepal, Cambodia and Bangladesh. Many of these artisans are women from some of the most deprived and disadvantaged communities, with very little opportunities for self-development and growth and in most cases, their work and their identity both remain uncounted or undercounted and unseen. We give them a stage to share their stories, an ability to grow and the opportunity to better their lives and their communities.

Our mission is important but so is our style. We are on the constant look out for the upcoming colour and style trends around the world. We try as much as possible to use a range of materials – and where we can source recycled materials, we do. With some of our products, we hope to reflect that beauty can come from waste. Our hope is to continue to expand our product range and our global artisan network.

Our products are available through our retail website and through various online and brick & mortar retailers. We work with non-profits in building fundraising campaigns using ethically-made products that align more closely with non-profit missions. We also work with corporations in creating sustainable products that can tie into their corporate social responsibility initiatives through the gifts they give their employees and clients.

We take our work one step further in building and promoting the conversation on designer ethical products through various webinars and events across North America. We have hosted events at SxSW in Austin, Texas in March 2012 and at the Toronto International Film Festival in Toronto, Canada in September 2012, promoting the new Cambodia Collection.

To learn more abour our products & projects please contact:
Teresa Laine


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