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Project JUST, a new website launched in early December 2015, is a new website set to expose the underbelly of the mainstream fashion world. The website is a catalog and forum of research on fashion brands’ manufacturing M.O., their environmental effect and their social impact. In doing so, they provide and quick method for consumers to check how ethical their favourite fashion label’s manufacturing practices are.

In an industry where green-washing is all too common, the website provides a transparent view on otherwise shady supply chain. The website uses a four-step filter to weed through the public information available about fashion brands:

  1. The first layer is self-reported information from sources, such as the brand’s site, their 10-Ks, executive speeches, and sustainability reports. This covers size and business model, transparency, labor conditions, environment, innovation, intention, management, and community
  2. The next layer is information that other NGOs or on-the-ground organizations have published about that brand’s supply chain. This information includes any research or rankings comparing that brand to comparable ones on the market
  3. The third layer is any media coverage and investigative reporting related to the brand and their manufacturing practices
  4. Lastly, Project JUST gives the brand a chance to provide some honest input by reaching out to them for direct feedback

In doing so, the website seems to be aiming to separate the truth from the industry jargon and providing consumers with a clearer picture on the ethical and environmental impact of the fashion companies they are interested in.

Interesting idea!