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British retailer Top Shop has recently launched its own version of a sustainable fashion line, Top Shop Reclaim. The line features 20 brand new designs made of materials from Topshop’s leftover stock.


Every time another major retailer steps into the ethical fashion sphere it does mean another large jump for the ethical and sustainable fashion movement. However, how much of these efforts are just greenwashing? While Topshop’s Head of Technical Services states that they want “to challenge textile waste across our product areas, whilst still creating versatile designs that are wardrobe essentials for our customers,” but why only one line of products, especially when the rest of the store is filled with fast fashion offerings.

Similar to the questions that we have had for H&M ever since their push into sustainable and ethical fashion, how does Topshop intend to balance its desire for commercial success with this focus on eco-consciousness?

Having taken a look at the early images of the store’s eco-offerings, we do appreciate the simple and wearable designs they have created. The designs are wearable and easy to dress up or dress down with the right accessories.

Will the line be a one-time offering or will it be long-term? Will Topshop expand its eco-friendly focus or remain isolated to one line? How will customers react? Only time will tell as to what Topshop’s true intentions are with this eco-movement.