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This week we found an interesting article on a cool event promoting wearable technology:

“Build it and they will come.” That’s how Betabrand CEO Chris Lindland said the inaugural Silicon Valley Fashion Week? came to be. The “it” being a highly experimental catwalk switching out strutting supermodels for gliding supermodel drones and other emerging technologies. The “they” being over a thousand attendees (the 1,200 tickets for the show sold out in three days).

Silicon Valley Fashion Week? is a bit of a satire (see: the question mark) but above all aims to provoke a conversation around tech products by giving them the fashion week treatment.

The themes—electric motion, wearable tech and crowdfunded fashion—were curated based on the sponsors involved:  “Our approach is certainly more chaotic and free-wheeling. I think wearable tech will be on all runways in a few years. And, yes, I hope everyone uses drones as models.”

 We already are seeing tech get its time in the limelight – Google Glass graced the runway at Diane von Furstenberg’s New York Fashion Week show, as did interactive fashion company CuteCircuit. The hottest in additive manufacturing also gets its own fashion show during 3D Print Week New York.

So why is Silicon Valley Fashion Week? stirring up all of this buzz? Drone fashion models, probably. But it’s also a window into a future where the distinction between fashion and tech disappears. Lindland thinks that moment is when the Apple Watch becomes the world’s number one fashion accessory. “So now, I guess.”

The hope with runway concepts is that they are, in some way, adopted by the masses someday. Most of the products curated for Silicon Valley Fashion Week? are consumer products just launching, meaning most of them will be available soon, so if you see something you like whirring or flashing down the SVFW catwalk, chances are you can buy it soon (if not now). While some border on outlandish (I’m looking at you fish-o-vision), other products aim to make your commute (or life) better, like illuminating helmetsturn-signal gloves or an electric longboard.

Lindland already registered a trademark for “Silicon Valley Fashion Week” in the chance that there are future shows.

Source: http://www.psfk.com/2015/05/silicon-valley-fashion-week-fashion-tech-future-betabrand-pch-genze.html