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who_made_your_clothes_greenAs the New Year arrives, we decided to leave you with a few thoughts to reminisce about and consider as you set resolutions for yourself. Most importantly: Who made your clothes?

Who made the garments that make you feel good as you walk into an office holiday party? Who made that one accessory that helps you shine at your family dinner?

Odds are that you won’t be too happy with the answer to these questions. With fast fashion dominating the stores you love, sketchy manufacturing practices and a lack of government regulations in many of the top garment producing countries, and raging consumer desires for quantity as well as quality, the circumstances of the workers that make your favourite fashions is dire.

This New Years, consider this question and make changes in your life that help you become happier with the answer. Shop from ethical brands, advocate for tougher regulatory standards in garment producing countries, avoid fast fashion, donate to microloan funds and encourage others to learn more about the ethical fashion movement.

Let’s make 2015 green, ethical and great for everyone.