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Whether it is a Secret Santa present for your colleagues, a treasure for your loved ones or a gift to yourself, consider shopping from an ethical brand for all of your gifting needs this holiday season. By purchasing an ethically made present, not only are you giving something to your friend, co-worker or family, but also contributing to improving the world at large. Consider the packaging you use, and your method of deliver in making this decision as well.


At Shopanthropic, we have collections of unique, fashion-conscious, and ethically-made products. With our eye on trends, an attention to detail, and a penchant for ensuring beautiful presentation and delivery, we have just the special treats you are looking for.

Consider our Bombshell collection for unique pieces made by artisans in Cambodia, with materials such as bombshell remnants, bullet casing and recycled newspaper.

Take a look at our Silk & Coco collection from some eco-friendly options such as non-violent silk scarves, jute clutches & bags and coconut fibre clutches.

Browse our Moral Fibre collection for tablet covers, clutches, bags and journals made by a group of underprivileged women artisans in India who have and continue to face many hardships in their lives.

We also have a variety of options in our Limited Edition: Sterling Silver, One of a Kind, Home, Journals, Travel Accessories and Kid Corner collections, to cater to all sorts of gifting needs. Lastly, if you are really unsure of what your giftee might need, consider a gift certificate to allow them to make the decision!

So browse, learn more and shop ethically this holiday season with Shopanthropic.