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Ever since Tim Cook’s dramatic unveiling of the Apple Watch, fashion technology has been on everyone’s mind. The Apple Watch is as much about design and look, as it is about functionality and innovation. While the fashion world has dabbled in technology, and vice versa, innovations such as the Google Glass, Apple Watch and Samsung Galaxy Gear Watch were mammoth brands bringing this intersection of ideas to the mainstream.

Unlike technology, which can compete on functional qualities and performance measures, fashion is a more grey market. It isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s about personal preference, trends and perspective. While purveyors of fashion technology tend to look for something simplistic and clean cut, it will be interesting to see how these brands evolve these accessories.

Accessories, such as watches or glasses, add to an outfit (i.e. plain outfits can turn into something completely different with the switch of a few accessories) and reflect someone’s personality. For technology-based fashion to truly succeed, producers need to think of the fashion part of the technology. While being timeless (or least being fashionable enough until the model becomes obsolete) will be key, these products will need to follow fashion trends to some extent.

apple-watchThe Apple Watch seems to have figured out the formula, a sleek design, a simplistic interface and colour palette that is relatively straight forward to incorporate into an outfit. While it seems to be on everyone’s mind right now, when the hype starts to die down, will it still be a fashion hit or a faux pas?