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This is a topic we have discussed before and one that seems to be appearing in social enterprise discussions continuously.

With the likes of Lily Cole, Jaime Oliver and Emma Watson all lending their celebrity to social ventures, social enterprise is becoming very sexy. How sexy? Think national and international media coverage, larger amounts of funding flooding into the sector and more consumer interest in the sector.

However, there is a dark side to fame and the shadow fame can cost on this grassroots movement. The counterargument to the celebrity push into social enterprise is the risk of celebrity brands overshadowing more grassroots ventures, a lack of focus on the actual causes or social goals, and unnatural/unsustainable growth.

So is it worth it? One obvious and growing answer is: yes. As more and more celebrities are choosing to not only lend their brand to a business but actually create it themselves. Playing a central key role in these businesses, they are raising the profile of the social venture sector and championing these social causes first-hand.

Perhaps it’s time to embrace celebrity impact in the social enterprise space?