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1.     Do your research and make purchases with companies that give to charity, produce ethically conscious products, support fair trade, ensure diversity in their executive staff, and have safe work environment, non-discriminatory work environment and environmentally-concious policies.

2.     Shop Fair Trade, environmentally-conscious, cruelty-free And sweatshop-free.

3.     Take Macklemore’s advice and head to a thriftshop to purchase vintage and consignment based goods.

4.     Be fake and support faux fur over real fur.

5.     Upcycle

6.     Donate old clothes, in order to make room for a fresh summer wordrobe

7.     Shop local and independent

8.     Focus on quality over quality and don’t buy unless you need it.

9.     Avoid Cosmetics With Unnecessary Additives

10.  Check out our collection at www.shopanthropic.com