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Yesterday we posted a blog about an interesting article we found in Vogue News last month “How The World Has Changed Since Rana Plaza” about ethical and sustainable fashion.

The recent announcement of Vogue Italia’s editor-in-chief being named as a UN Ambassador Against Hunger is a positive step for the Fashion industry, which is often touted as being vain and superficial. Franca Sozzani, who is already the Goodwill Ambassador of the United Nation’s Fashion 4 Development program, has been praised for her attention to the potential of girls and women in Africa and their empowerment through school and professional education, in her journalistic endeavours.

Starting with a focus on Rwanda, Franca has an ambitious goal of bring children to school and promote a culture of empowerment. She also hopes to incorporate the program’s campaigns into Conde Nast Italy’s publications. Having already had many ethical and philanthropic endeavours, Sozzani has aimed to merge ethical topics into her fashion projects, including ensuring headline-making issues, such as racism and violence against women, are talked about in Vogue Italia.

It is exciting to see big names in the fashion industry playing a role in ensuring a better future for the disadvantaged members of our global community! Being ethically-conscious is definitely in vogue.