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“I might be weak at heart but I’m not gonna let it tear me apart…”  This is the strength of a mother!

In our global network of women artisans, a large number are mothers from some of the most deprived and disadvantaged communities, who have very little opportunity for self-development and growth. In most cases, their work and their identity both remain uncounted, undercounted and unseen. However, with their natural strength of endurance, determination, and patience, and support and empowerment opportunities given by institutions like us, they are working towards achieving whatever goals they set for themselves.

At Shopanthropic, we are giving these women artisans a stage to share their stories, an ability to grow and the chance to better their lives and their communities. Each of these women have untold stories of sacrifice, strength, and of the hard work they are doing for their children and for the future of their families.

As we celebrate Mother’s Day today, we pay a special homage to those women, these mothers who portray the sacrifice, dedication, passion and perseverance that we love our own mothers for.

This special day take a sneak peek of our new eco-friendly Jute Envelop Clutches made by women artisans from Bangladesh, which will soon be available for sale in our Silk & Coco Collection:

Jute clutch-2

Minimalist Jute Envelope Clutch


Black clutch-2

Chevron Jute Envelope Clutch

For wholesale inquiries please contact: preeti@shopanthropic.com