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“The Beatles couldn’t have been more right they said, “I get by with a little help from my friends.” Sometimes, it takes the kindness of a friend, or a stranger who chooses to become a friend, to help and individual get by. So with our #Globallove campaign for Valentine’s day and Shopanthropic’s mission, how does this song tie in? Well here’s our take:

1) We at Shopanthropic believe that Valentine’s day is a chance to spread kindness not just to your special someone but to those who you have a chance to be friends to, in your own backyard or half-way around the world.

2)  We at Shopanthropic believe in the power of numbers. There’s a reason friends is plural. The more friends = the more help = a bigger difference.

Globallove Campaign

“All you need is love,” sang The Beatles and we couldn’t agree more. Join the #Globallove campaign by purchasing a Shopanthropic product, tweeting the #Globallove hashtag and learning more about social enterprise, fair trade and ethical consumerism as a solution to global poverty.”