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As we continue to celebrate our #globallove campaign, celebrating the power of ethical fashion this Valentine’s Day, we thought it would be interesting to take a look at where sustainable fashion will go in 2014. Here are 3 trends we believe we will see in 2014:

1) The whole is greater than the sum: A focus on more than just material or specific process in the fashion production cycle, instead looking at it from a systems approach, looking at the overall process. This will including looking at how we can continue to support traditional artisanal skills, cultures, and communities.

2) Quality over quantity: A counter-movement that challenges the rise of fast fashion from clothing giants who produce cheap, here-today-gone-tomorrow clothing. There will be a focus on ethics, a meaningful attachment to your clothing and a relationship with fashion that goes beyond immediate fads. This will include the idea of purchasing less fashion, in order to support the type of fashion that supports the ethical fashion system.

3) Giants taking big steps:  A recent article stated that “For all the tragedy which arose within the fashion industry in 2013, there was so much beauty that opened as well. 2013 saw some amazing steps for a more ethical fashion community.” These steps include large retailers, such as Nike and H&M, taking steps towards being more conscious. This trend will only continue into 2014, as more retailers realize that more of the mainstream consumer market is seeking ethical options.

2014 will be the year we start building relationships with our clothing, not in a vain way, but in a way through which we recognize the impact our fashion has. We will focus on craft, quality, character, value and the people behind it. Over the last few years, we have seen this trend build up in the food industry, and this change has only just begun.

Globallove CampaignJust a reminder: Spread the word about social enterprise (#SocEnt) by sharing the #GlobalLove Campaign with your friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Purchase an ethically-made or fairtrade product, learn about social enterprise and share it through Twitter and Facebook.