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Christmas decorations have barely been cleared out from shelves and retailers are already lining up shelves with a “sea of red and pink, hearts and chocolates, stuffed teddy bears and any other consumer product that will make some lucky person`s heart melt on February 14th.” Every year, we celebrate Valentine’s Day in our own way – with the #Globallove campaign.

Globallove Campaign

Through this campaign, we propose a new purpose for Valentine`s day – February 14th is an opportunity for you to show that your care – not just about your special someone, but about the world – about someone half way around the world. You can do this by shopping ethically, being aware of where your products are coming and the conditions they are made in, considering the environmental impact of the materials used in the everyday consumer good you use, or donating to a microfinance fund that supports artisans in becoming self-sufficient and working towards a world where individuals working in developing countries receive fair wages for their efforts.

At Shopanthropic, we “support artisans, particularly women, in developing countries become self-sufficient. By encouraging them to use their craftsmanship to create viable businesses, supporting them for their continuous development and expanding their work, and helping them find the markets to sell these products to – we are caring for others.

So on and around February 14th tweet the term #Globallove and use Valentine’s Day as a chance to create some social change. At Shopanthropic, we are going to be doing some special offers to share some #Globallove with you – consider buying an environmentally-friendly or fair-trade gift for that special someone. Additionally, we will be tweeting and blogging about topics relating to the #Globallove campaign. So make sure you view our collection @www.shopanthropic.com.

Just a reminder: Spread the word about social enterprise (#SocEnt) by sharing the #GlobalLove Campaign with your friends and loved ones for this Valentine’s Day. Purchase an ethically-made or fairtrade product, learn about social enterprise and share it through Twitter and Facebook.