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In an exciting movement in main stream fashion, Italian fashion brand Ma Mara is launching a four-piece eco-fashion collection. Made from recycled fabrics supplied from their eco-fabric partner, the line will be available in an international host of stores.  The fabric itself is an antibacterial, UV-resistant and breathable fabric made from recycled material from plastic bottles.

What is most exciting about this news is that the fashion being produced through this eco-fashion initiative are wearable for a professional, as beautiful as their not environmentally-friendly counterparts and are mainstream.  The line includes a trench coat, a collarless jacket, a t-shirt and a pencil skirt. As other fashion brands such as H&M embrace eco-conscious initiatives, this is certainly good news.

Go out, purchase some mainstream eco-fashion from collections such as this recently launched one, pair it with some beautiful ethical accessories from our collections here  at Shopanthropic, and celebrate your ability to make fashion matter.