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Comscore and UPS just published its 2013 statistics on “Canadian Online Shopping and Digital Demands” and it produced some predictable results. The Canadian online market is comprised of 25.5 million internet users, with the majority ranging between the ages of 15-35.

The survey found that overall 77% of online shoppers were satisfied, mostly due to the easy of check-out, brand and product variety and shipping tracking capabilities. On the other end of the spectrum, users were less satisfied with a lack of the choice of a specified time of day for delivery, the lack of ability to re-route packages and most interestingly, the lack of green/environmentally friendly shipping options.

Some takeaways for Canadian online brands? Focus on improving the check-out process to be less lengthy and demanding, improve the ability to provide returns or get refunds/credit, improve the accuracy of delivery dates, improve customer service contact options and lower shipping costs. How do companies earn positive recommendations from customers? Provide shipment tracking, provide the option to return products for free and very easily, ship products on-time and provide free-shipping.

images2The study also provides some unique data on mobile or online shopping in Canada, on why customers abandon their shopping carts and on the role of social-media for online brands.