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As Google celebrated its 15th year as a technological giant and online search engine dominator, we reflected on the founder’s journey from a small garage in California to an international corporation. It is entrepreneurial stories such as that of Google that make us realize the potential that an idea can have, no matter how small or simple it is.

Thus, we create a mantra that every budding social enterprise should follow: “Think big, start small”. It isn’t about the flashiest, most outrageous or most international ideas, instead it is about simplification, persistence and long-term goals. We need to find ways to ensure our messaging is clear, our processes are transparent, our drive remains ever-present as we pursue unexplored territory, and our plans look beyond the current state and into the future we would like to see.

It is with this in mind that our focus on bringing ethical fashion to the mainstream market uses a small, simple idea to work towards a big goal. The small and simple idea? To pool the talent, traditions and unique natural materials found around the world in combination with fashion trends straight from runways. The big goal? We envision a world where artisans receive fair wages for the talent they possess, where mainstream fashion is made of eco-friendly materials and where enterprise drives positive growth in the poorest of communities.

Think big, start small and let’s see where our passion takes us!