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Last year, in a live Q&A on planning for success and failure, some of the experts talked about using business failure as a valuable learning experience. One expert even said that in the US you’re more likely to get finance if you have the knowledge of failure under your belt.

But the sector rarely talks about failure in public. And, for every couple of hundred books on business success, you’re unlikely to find more than one on the subject of failure.

Dave Dawes, a nurse and serial social entrepreneur, is one of the few social entrepreneurs who will talk publically about his first-hand experiences of failure, and he wants to see others do the same.

“Plenty of social enterprises fail and more should share their experiences,” said Dawes, speaking at the Good Deals social investment conference in London at the end of November. “Social entrepreneurs who have failed are likely to be more innovative, can be better at managing cash flow and even more attractive to certain investors.”

Read more: http://socialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network/2013/feb/11/failure-social-enterprise.