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An interesting look at an organization you wouldn’t conventionally consider a social enterprise:


“A university, if you think about it, is one of the original social enterprises. It’s a publicly and philanthropically supported organization with missions for good in both research and teaching. Unlike charities, universities’ services are not free to the people they serve. In this, they resemble some of the newer breed of social enterprises like microfinance organizations, which lend money to the poor at interest–often quite high interest.

But universities by and large refuse to rigorously track their impact on their students: How many leave with degrees? Are they able to pay back their debt? Do they find good jobs in their chosen field? And they don’t want the government to impose metrics either.”

Read more: www.fastcoexist.com/1681461/a-university-is-a-social-enterprise-so-why-dont-they-act-like-it,