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Over the last few months we have had a chance to highlight the push that social entrepreneurship is making through education, including a university program dedicated to social enterprise and competitions for young social entrepreneurs. We found an interesting article about another syllabus dedicated to global sustainable enterprise:

“Who brought the syllabus to class today?”

Students rifled through their backpacks and pulled out their syllabuses, ready on their first day to hear the rundown of the teacher’s agenda for the rest of the semester.

“Please hold them up. Now put both hands on the top of it. And rip it up … seriously. Do it.”

Murmurs filled the auditorium as Daniel Epstein, one of the two teachers instructing the class in sustainable global entrepreneurship, continued.

Read more: http://socialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network/2013/mar/01/tear-up-syllabus-social-enterprise. Share your thoughts below!