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With strong roots in India due to our work with artisans in the region and our own personal connections, we were very excited to see this headline. In a recent article in The Guardian, India’s slow progression to create and grow a social enterprise ecosystem is Indian Rag Pickers in Delhidocumented. Listing Mumbai as India’s social enterprise capital, the article is a great summary of the incubators and institutions set up to foster the growth of this movement. These institutions and the social enterprises that are springing up alongside them are led by local people, dealing with local issues and using local consumers to create real change.

While the entrepreneurs, and the institutions that back them, face many challenges in terms of the financial, legal, moral and intellectual landscape in the diverse and ancient country, we are excited to see the progress they have made. Through our strong ties with artisans in many communities in the region, we are proud to have played some role in this growth.

Read more: http://socialenterprise.guardian.co.uk/social-enterprise-network/2013/jan/09/india-social-entreprenuers-steady-progress.