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Valentine’s Day makes us think of all of our dream Valentine’s Day dates. David Beckham certainly tops that list. He also ended up in a recently article relating to social enterprise. Cue the music: these are a few of my favourite things…

David Beckham recently announced that he will be donating his salary to charity and an article in The Guardian asked if this is the new model social enterprise.

I say no.

By all means, channeling a celebrity or athletes salary to a social venture is an amazing feat. We commend the soccer superstar for taking such a bold step in such a positive direction. However, he is just one guy with an obscene salary. Just one individual with good intentions.

The new model for social enterprise, the future for social enterprise, is in a collective movement. Not just an athlete here or a celebrity there but in the actions (and purchasing decisions) of everyday people.

So please, take Beckham as a role model, but don’t expect him to change the world. It’s going to take more than just him to create the social change we need.

Globallove Campaign-2Just a reminder: Spread the word about social enterprise (#SocEnt) by sharing the #GlobalLove Campaign with your friends and loved ones this Valentine’s Day. Purchase an ethically-made or fairtrade product, learn about social enterprise and share it through Twitter and Facebook.