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A curious look at what social enterprise means in the a few different countries. Here is an article from the Philippines:

“In its broadest sense, social entrepreneurship is about innovative solutions to social problems.  In countries like the Philippines where poverty and inequality are worsening despite economic growth, innovative solutions to these problems are not only desired but are also urgent.”

Read more: http://opinion.inquirer.net/45185/understanding-social-entrepreneurship.

Here is an article about social enterprise and ethical fashion in Ghana:

“With an impressive line up of fashion events about to take place in Ghana’s capital city of Accra this year, the Ghanaian fashion industry is well on its way to become an international fashion and design platform and play an important role in boosting the country’s overall economy. 

 In May 2013, the country will once again host its glam and glitzy affair Fashion Night Out 2013, aiming to showcase the latest creations from Ghana’s prolific designers. Expecting to draw attention from both local and international media, the event themed as ‘Globalizing African Fashion’ is surely going to cut through the geographical and cultural barriers.”