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A new study in Britain found that while social enterprise is growing in popularity, the concept is still confusing to the average consumer. The Key Fund study – which surveyed 1,000 people – found that a lot more needs to be done to increase the understanding of what social enterprise is amongst the general public. The stats:

  •  21% identified social enterprise as “an organisation which sells goods or services, but also focuses on supporting people”
  • 18% of respondents thought that social enterprises sold goods and services with an aim of returning profits to shareholder
  • 32% though that social enterprise was an “an organisation which provides support to people and relies on grants and donations for income”.

With the UK being one of the leading regions when it comes to the social enterprise movement, we imagine the stats in Canada are even considerably lower. The problem seems to be that the general public hasn’t fully realized the dual nature of the social cause for-profit venture.

At Shopanthropic, we intend to do something about this! As we continue through the first month of this new year, we hope that you will read our blogs, share our blogs, retweet our tweets, repost our Facebook posts and spread awareness about this movement.