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Paraphrased from a recent article in Forbes: http://www.forbes.com/sites/devinthorpe/2012/10/29/my-ten-point-plan-for-social-entrepreneurs-to-change-the-world/.

  1. Save Every Penny: “Make a bigger difference with less money than entrepreneurs without a social mission.”
  2. Keep Your Day Job: “You won’t keep that job forever, but keep your job as long as possible; let your current employer help fund your new gig.”
  3. It Won’t Be Easy
  4. Start Something that Matters:“ It may be harder to find something that matters and much harder to figure out how to pull it off, but if it doesn’t matter, it isn’t worth your time.”
  5. Focus on Social Issues: “There is money to be made, if that’s what you’d like to do, even when tackling big social problems.”
  6. Make it Great: “Your impact will be tied to your ability to create something that grows beyond you, that exceeds your involvement and creates change.  Focus on your product or service.”
  7. Build a Team: “A great team is early evidence of a great product or service and a great leader.”
  8. Use crowdfunding: “With each effort at crowdfunding, you can build an audience of followers and fans who will support each new project.”
  9. Have an Impact: “Focus on action that leads to results. The more you actually achieve with your resources, the more likely they are to compound.”
  10. Change the World: “Changing the world is its own reward.  Making a living at it is a bonus.”