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So Halloween is coming up; the last exciting celebration of the year before the Christmas holidays. The anticipation of developing a sugar rush builds, but the guilt of a) consuming candies and ruining your diet or b) paying a rich hydro bill from all those Halloween decorations, suddenly gets you pondering: What do you do now?

There is no better way to enjoy a guilt free Halloween than going eco-friendly. Here are some tips for having a spooky eco-friendly Halloween!

1.     OLD CLOTHES- You know those old clothes that have been hiding in your closet? Why not bring out the little designer devil inside of you and create your own Halloween costume this year. Not only will you be re-using old clothes that you’ve totally forgotten about; you will also be saving some loose change.

2.     PARAFFIN IS EVIL – Instead of burning cheap paraffin candles that are bad for the environment and atmosphere you breathe in, try making your own candles from eco-friendly materials. One of the most popular home-made candles are made from beeswax sheets! There are tons of instructions on the web, so get your fingers on that keyboard!

3.     PUMPKINS ARE HEALTHY FOR YOU – Did you know that the minerals found in pumpkin can prevent pre-mature aging and certain types of cancers? Instead of saving all the pumpkin seeds for your garden, why not head out to your nearest health food store for a big bag of pumpkin seeds and make homemade pumpkin seed goodies for the kids! There are dozens of mouth-watering pumpkin seed recipes out there – it’s a must try!

4.     ORGANIC BRANDS- If you’re a busy mom, parent or homeowner and cooking is just not for you, then no need to worry! Believe it or not, there are amazing brands selling healthy yummy organic goodies! You are bound to get that “taste good, feel great” effect!

5.     GO SOLAR- One of the best things you can do for your electricity bill on Halloween night is to dress your yard with solar powered yard lights. These lights charge during the day and automatically turn on at night. A major benefit is that they can be re-used after Halloween for almost any outdoor event you host at your residence.

By Victoria Bhigroog, a Political Science student and Marketing Coordinator at Shopanthropic