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As the Canadian Thanksgiving long weekend has come and gone, at Shopanthropic we reflected on what we are thankful for. We came up with the following list:

  1. We are thankful for our great team
  2. We are thankful that we have the ability to work with talented artisans and empowering organizations
  3. We are thankful for our community partners
  4. We are thankful for the support the ethical fashion movement is receiving
  5. We are thankful to the readers of our blogs and subscribers of our mailing list
  6. We are thankful for the great support we receive on Facebook and Twitter
  7. We are thanful that we are more priveledged then a large majority of the world that lives in impoverished conditions
  8. We are thankful for the hope we provide some of those people in enabling them to have a better future

So as you reflect what you are thankful for, think about the changes you can make your life to make you footprint on this world more sustainable. Consider lifestyle changes that will enable you to create a positive social impact on the world, such as purchasing fair trade and sustainable products. As the holiday season approaches, use this as an opportunity to shop ethically and give generously.

Happy October!