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“It’s a niche market.”

“Can it really achieve the mainstream market?”

“Can luxury products really be sustainable?”

These are just some of the questions and statements that are often presented in the ever-present debate about whether sustainable or fair-trade goods can ever truly fit into the mould of fashion products and other luxury lifestyle products. Sustainable shopping is a relatively recent but rapidly-growing trend in the mainstream consumer world. As the concept of leading a sustainable lifestyle grows in popularity, it leads many to question whether sustainable luxury products can truly meet the standards of quality and accessibility that have been so pristinely set by the mainstream market.

With ethical fashion brands facing issues ranging from sourcing to scalability, some would argue it is still unrealistic for these brands to fuel the building interest in avoiding “toxic textiles” and unfair wages. In our society, consumers expect ease-of-accessibility, brand recognition, a certain level of service and quality, and options – all of which are often challenges for budding ethical brands.

Our brand, Shopanthropic, hopes to address some of these needs through our collections. We provide fashion, accessories and lifestyle products that meet the current trends in the fashion world, the kind of service consumers expect in the mainstream market and ease-of-accessibility through our online shop, while enabling consumers to be part of a brand that represents a positive change in the world. Our goal is to bring ethical consumerism from a niche market to an active part of the mainstream market. With a collection that ranges from affordable to luxury products, we want to prove that being sustainable does not mean compromising on the fashion-forward edge that drives the consumer market.

By offering collection that meet the demands of the fashion industry including high trend turnover, competitive pricing, shipping options and exceptional customer service – we hope to achieve this goal. It’s not an easy pathway for any sustainable brand – challenges such as finding the right eco-friendly materials or ethically made product to ensure the execution of popular fashion trends and ensuring the sourcing for these products meet our standards of sustainability arise.  We address these by forming strong collaborative relationships with the artisans we work with and thorough vetting the organizations we partner with.

So yes, we do believe that sustainable luxury and fashion-forward products are realistic. Check our collection at http://shopanthropic.com/sa/default.aspx and learn more about the artisans we work with.