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By September of this year, a self-governing country off the coast of New Zealand will become the first nation to be entirely powered by solar energy. Tokelau, whose citizens are technically citizens of New Zealand, has a budget that is almost entirely funded by aid from New Zealand. This tiny island is phasing out its use of diesel fuel and installing over 4000 solar panels as replacement. This project is done the hopes of making the country less reliant on funding from New Zealand by getting its revenues and costs aligned for a balanced budget. While on a global scale, this project, which impacts only 1400 people, is small. However, it is a great example of what other nations should be emulating as our resources become scarcer.

Read the full article here:http://www.treehugger.com/renewable-energy/tokelau-world-first-100-percent-solar-powered-nation-september.html.