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According to a recent article on JustMeans: “Green technology and social innovation is proving to be a lucrative market in India, as clean energy investments are now worth $10.3bn, a growth of 52% in 2011, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance.” In fact, India has a higher growth rate for green technologies than any other major world economy.

For years, India has suffered from a serious inefficiency in how energy is managed, or rather mismanaged, in the country. This inefficiency results in severe power shortages, high electricity costs or even a complete lack of electricity in some communities.

This makes India a “rare market for alternative energy” and the concept of clean, green energy is creating waves in the country.

Instead of focusing on new, ground-breaking technologies, many social entrepreneurs are focusing on “applying proven technologies in smaller, decentralised ways that can give a higher output and excess return.”

So in a country known for its growth via outsourcing, the author of this article argues that the real source of Indian economic growth is social innovation and alternative energy investments. While, Indian private equity firms re trying to get significant pieces of this action, will global firms try to make their presence felt, as well?

Read the full article here: http://www.justmeans.com/Social-Innovation-Investment-Is-Becoming-A-Lucrative-Market-in-India/54849.html.