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CSR Asia released an article recently that explained there predictions of where social entrepreneurship is headed in 2012. Here is a summary of their predictions:

  1. Lines will blur between for-profit and non-profit: Social entrepreneurs will take risks to push the boundaries with their aim to combine profit and social objectives. Consumers are more likely to shop for a cause and social enterprise will become a competitive branch of the consumer market.
  2. Performance metrics for impact measurement: Performance metrics will become more important to social entrepreneurs as this sector becomes more popular.
  3. Collaboration and crowd funding: Cooperative and sharing models will encourage innovative business opportunities and more cooperation. Crowd funding from a variety of sources will become a great source of funding for social enterprises.
  4. Employee ownership and empowerment: Social enterprise business models will allow employees to take a more meaningful stake in their organizations. Intrapreneurship will encourage passion, loyalty, motivate them to perform better.
  5. The role of information technology: The internet, mobile technology, apps, social media and the expansive reach of information technology will allow entrepreneurs strapped for funding to reach customers and suppliers innovatively.
  6. Go local: More support for social entrepreneurs to use local suppliers and resources due to sustainability factors.
  7. Mix of talent: Teams of social entrepreneurs will become more diverse in the skillsets and backgrounds they come from. In order to navigate through the dangerous waters of entrepreneurs, social entrepreneurs will require innovative ideas to find social solutions using such an integrated team.
  8. Young social entrepreneurs: Young people will create a more meaningful life and career through social enterprise through university programs and self-motivation.