During a visit to Vancouver in 2009, the Dalai Lama stated that he believed that Western Women will save the world. Many believe that these women will be those that change the existing corporate culture or those that are entrepreneurs.


 As the challenges we face globally become more complex and interconnected – problem solving is becoming a key skill to address the mounting problems we face. While problem-solving is not a new skill to have – it is logical to say that the problem solving skills that got us into this mess are not the ones that will get us out of it. That being said, we need new perspectives, people and abilities to address these issues.

Though a shift in corporate culture would require a radical shift in traditional methods and thinking, entrepreneurship doesn’t need this. While these may be generalizations, here are some reasons women would make great entrepreneurs:

  • Women are often intuitive thinkers
  • Women often seek balance
  • Women often value solutions more than the credit
  • Women often have strong Emotional Quotients (EQ) making them great collaborators

It is these skills and the ingenuity of entrepreneurs that will help address many of the global issues we have. It is these new perspectives and skills that create a need for more women entrepreneurs. Countries such as the US are creating strategies to boost female-driven entrepreneurship to fuel job creation and overall economic growth. For example, Walmart Stores Inc. has recently announced that it plans to source $20-billion  worth of product from women-owned businesses in the US, in addition to doubling it sourcing from international women suppliers in the next 5 years. Canada’s not far behind. That being said, why does this need have to lie on the shoulders of the western world?

Why we might see a rise in female entrepreneurs from other parts of the world:

There are two important qualities that women around the world possess that we just cannot forget:

  • Women have passion
  • Women do not give up

As the rise in microcredit ventures and support for artisan’s increases in developing nations, it is not surprising to imagine a rise in the amount of female entrepreneurs coming from these nations. Fueled with the passion to support their families & communities, the determination to find a way to do so and the financial & technical support needed to succeed – these women might just be the key to solving some of these global problems.

The Conclusion

The world needs women entrepreneurs and change makers now more than ever. Whether these women come from the developed west or developing parts of the world, it will be these new entrepreneurs who will being the fresh ideas and solutions that are much needed. It is these women that will look the issues we face now and find new perspectives to them.

According to The Globe and Mail, only 16% of all small and medium-sized businesses are majority-female-driven, with proportionately lower revenue then male-driven enterprises. Recommendations such as developing more practical assistance for women to adopt technology and conduct business abroad, as well as increasing the amount of financial literacy for women entrepreneurs, and increasing their access to capital

As we enter this new year – we are excited to see what new ideas these entrepreneurs will bring.