With a difficult economy, an ever-present and growing need, and more competition then ever – fundraising is becoming the most difficult aspect of a non-profit’s activities. It takes 21st century social media and marketing strategies, a diversely skilled team, a creative business model, financial sense and hard-work to succeed at this mission. Not surprisingly, it is these same skills that allow a for-profit social enterprise to succeed as well.

Why do we believe in social enterprise?

  1. Passion: By working to meet a triple bottom-line, financial success is tied to the success of the social hand of the mission. This creates a unified goal that our whole team is passionate about.
  2. Our values: Our team believes in doing good for others, whether that be by providing artisans with an opportunity to develop their careers and communities, or providing consumers with feel-good products and accessories. It is these core set of values that make us do what we do.
  3. Our goal: Our goal is to use purchasing power as a tool to promote social change locally and internationally. We find the supply and work to build the demand here in North America. It is this goal that creates the foundation for our business model.
  4. The Need:  Through the people we meet, the stories we hear and the impact we are beginning to make – we see the need and we see a solution. It is the hope that this solution is sustainable that makes us believe in social enterprise.

We believe that we are not only for-profit, but more importantly for-purpose.  Whether a social enterprise is non-profit or for-profit, they should all have this mutual characteristic of being for-purpose. This will encourage enterprises to focus on innovation, accountability, financial sense and marketing savvy – all skills that are essential to encouraging a consumer’s dollar to support a positive change.