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Currently, The Globe and Mail is presenting an in-depth series on the state of charitable giving. As part of the series, they interviewed prominent philanthropists, media influences and businessmen to learn more about the causes they support and their perception on charitable giving. Many of these interviews ask prominent individuals about why they choose to live an ethical lifestyle, volunteer time or donate money for the causes they support.

Individuals such as Canada’s Governor General the Right Honourable David Johnston, actress Nina Dobrev, singer Joe Jonas, and businessman, Donald Johnson, explain their motivations for donating their time, money and celebrity status to their causes. For some it is their childhood and spiritual/religious upbringing, for some it is their ability to use their celebrity status to be a role model, for some it is hearing stories or experiencing poverty firsthand through trips in Africa, and for some it can even be for tax benefits – yet there are numerous reasons for someone choosing to give back.

Whether it is donating time, showing young people that they can start at home, working as a family, utilizing one’s technical skills to provide advice to not-profits – these celebrities have demonstrated that giving back doesn’t just have to be monetary. Giving back can also be through the type of lifestyle one leads, for example, through the type of products one buys.

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