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In our age of instant gratification through social media and instant communication, one would think that communicating a message is easy. Wrong.

In a world where information is passed on instantly, we have learned to filter and absorb information at an accelerated pace. This translates into a series of implications in the business world and in the not-profit world. In particular, this translates into a need for new ways to communicate a social message. In other words, charities and social causes need to find new ways to educate, inspire and encourage a call-to-action amongst people, particular the younger generation.

An example of this new way of communicating a social message is the work that Earth Rangers does to promote the importance of protecting biodiversity to children in Canada. Through a program like Bring Back the Wild™, Earth Rangers is able to do this. Bring Back the Wild™ is a kid-powered fundraising campaign by Earth Rangers, in collaboration with the Nature Conservancy of Canada to help protect wild animals and their habitats. The campaign is fun, educational and interactive.

The concept is simple: you read about animals, the issues they face and threats against them, learn about the goals that these organizations intend to complete in order to protect these species, and see a tangible financial goal in order to achieve these goals. Next, you set a personal fundraising goal that is realistic for a young child to achieve.

By providing education and fun learning materials for children, giving clear tangible solutions to the problem and lastly providing a direct call to action – Earth Rangers is able to spread a social message in a method that Generation Facebook can relate to!

To learn more about our campaign with Earth Rangers, click here.