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We blogged about this one Social Earth a few weeks ago but thought it would be cool to post our 10 Principles to being an ethical shopper on our blog. Here are they are:

  1. Thou shalt ask questions and educate oneself in order to make informed purchases
  2. Thou shalt purchase from brands that advocate for social change
  3. Thou shalt purchase products that have a positive social, environmental and economic impact on the communities and companies involved in their production
  4. Thou shalt use one’s purchasing power as a “vote” to encourage all companies to adopt ethical producing practices
  5. Thou shalt purchase fair trade products, while being educated on the value of fair trade
  6. Thou shalt support small companies  who are providing quality products to consumers (essentially helping them build brands and a movement)
  7. Thou shalt support companies who treat their employees fairly and responsibly
  8. Thou shalt not sacrificed quality and fashion for ethical products but find companies that cater to both
  9. Thou shalt support not-profits and organizations who encourage social enterprise and social finance
  10. Thou shalt tell friends about great ethical and fair trade finds one discovers
To read more about The Ethical Shopper’s Creed, click here. Also, check out Social Earth for more of our blog posts.