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We are excited to announce the launch of our newest campaign today! In partnership with Earth Rangers, an award-winning non-profit organization focused on communicating a positive, science-based message to children on the importance of protecting biodiversity, Shopanthropic is promoting a collection of kid-friendly journals and finger puppets to raise funds for Earth Rangers. 25% of sale proceeds from this collection will go to benefit Earth Rangers.

Through live shows, an online community and national television presence Earth Rangers educates over one million children a year about the importance of biodiversity and inspire them to adopt more sustainable behaviours. In September 2010, they launched their Bring Back the Wild™ program, which allows children to become directly involved in protecting animals and their habitats across Canada by providing them with an avenue for action, and are reaching over 100,000 children across Canada.

To celebrate their success and help support their mission, we are dedicating the following products to their cause:

Soft-Bound Eco-Friendly Journals

Soft-Bound Eco-Friendly Journals

These soft bound journals are 100% tree-free and environmentally friendly. The entire journal - cover and paper - are made of recycled cotton rags. These journals are made by artisans in the State of Rajasthan, India. Rajasthan, a desert state of India, boasts a variety of traditional arts including the art of paper-making from recycled cotton by hand. With the support of fair-trade these artisans are keeping such art alive, teaching this to future generations, marketing their products, and financially supporting their families. Besides having hand-made paper, these journals are appliquéd and embroidered with animal designs on the cover by these artisans.

Animal Finger Puppets – Set of 5


Animal Finger Puppets - Set of 5

These finger puppets are hand-made by artisans in Nepal with the support of an organization who is helping craft producers by providing them financial & technical support, giving them ‘work base-training’, and creating income generating programmes that directly benefit low income groups, especially women. Besides using locally available natural resources, they are preserving Nepal’s ancient art forms.

Earth Rangers is the largest children’s environmental organization in Canada. Help us help them in their wonderful mission and purchase a product TODAY!