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Did you know that one of the newest forms of corporate organizations in the United States is the ‘B Corporation’? A ‘B Corporation’, otherwise known as a Benefit Corporation, can be applied to a company that wants to incorporate and adheres to a guideline of socially beneficial practices. In other words, a social enterprise can finally legally incorporate and be recognized for its socially-conscious mandate.

It has become more then evident in recent years that there needs to be more guidelines that help define socially responsible business and this is one method to create these criteria. Benefits of becoming a B Corp. include assistance in institutionalizing stakeholder interests, obtaining tax breaks, promotion through the use of the Certified B Corporation brand, discounted tools and services from a network of B Corporation social partners, and a method of constantly reviewing a business’s ethical standards.

To learn more about the B Corporation Certification, visit http://www.bcorporation.net/.

What a great way to help social entrepreneurs expand their businesses to a larger scale and bring ethical enterprise to a more mainstream audience.