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Recently, we stumbled upon a blog post that discussed the value of social media in helping make social entrepreneurship successful. Social Media, which is all about sharing what’s going on with ME, is getting a facelift so that it is about WE.  The blog post talked about how platforms like Facebook and Twitter are allowing consumers to voice their socially-conscious concerns globally, and use crowdsourcing to inspire innovation.

We live in an age of social – social media has made it infinitely easier to instantly connect, communicate and engage people around the world. Social entrepreneurship is transforming business to be more aware of the needs of people around the world and actively work to engage solutions. That being said, you can find similarities between the two concepts and why social media can be a powerful tool in enabling social change.

“Collective Buying” is one of the methods this is done through. By using the power of a group to create positive social change, social entrepreneurs are leveraging social media to enable change.

So when you are out there – updating your Foursquare location, sharing 140 characters of your thoughts on Twitter, putting up a great new profile picture on Facebook or utilizing “collective buying” websites such as EthicalDeal – think about how you can use social media to educate, connect, collaborate and enable social change.  It might be as simple as sharing a Shopanthropic product that helps artisans around the world or sharing this blog post.

Think social. Think entrepreneurial. Think Shopanthropic.