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Sometimes the best solution to our modern day problems can be in old-world tradition. One such example is new findings about the honeysuckle plant and the natural protection in can provide from harmful UV rays from the sun. It turns out that Honeyuckle, a climbing shrub often used in traditional Chinese medicine as a method to treat colds and fevers, can also make a “highly effective natural coating for clothing” which blocks UV rays.

To test this, scientists coated wool with honeysuckle extract and it increased the fabric’s UV protection factor. They also noted many advantages to using this natural remedy:

  1. It has a low environmental impact
  2. It is so durable that it remains active on the fabric (wool) even after a long exposure to sunlight and even laundry
  3. It is a natural protectant against potentially harmful UV rays which is great as the risk of skin cancer and premature aging increases

This is just another example of how sustainable fashion, traditional methods, and innovation can improve our world socially and environmentally.