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A recent article published in the Wall Street Journal address the recent predominance of handicrafts in the fashion market. Instead of making products appear immaculate, with no trace of the handiwork behind them, this new trend is to embrace the “handmade craftsmanship.”

So you might not be able to afford a Tom Ford Clutch worth $3,150 or a Hermès Bag worth $12,000 but you will be able to afford this new addition to our collection.

New clutches at Shopanthropic

New clutches at Shopanthropic

This hand-embroidered Indian Silk clutch is made by women artisans in the southern state of Karnataka, India with the cooperation of a society actively involved with the local community in restoring the traditional art & crafts of the region. They are encouraging and training local ‘Lambani’ craftswomen and helping them in developing their traditional skills keeping current trends and styles in mind. By promoting and marketing their handicrafts, the society is playing a significant role in ensuring regular fair income to its artisans and improving the quality of life of these craftswomen.