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Today, May 14th, we celebrate World Fair Trade Day 2011 around the world! An initiative by the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO), the aim of World Fair Trade Day is to enable producers around the world to improve their lives and their communities through fair trade. With a focus on small farmers and artisans, an overarching goal is to ensure that real changes are being made with fair trade initiatives.

How can you celebrate and support World Fair Trade Day 2011?

  1. Get Educated: Research where the products you use and purchase come from, and find out what fair trade products are having a meaningful positive impact on the communities they come from
  2. Buy Smarter: Start purchasing products that are fair trade and will improve the lives of the artisans, farmers and producers who create them. Find ways to incorporate fair trade into your life such as many of the products in our collection!
  3. Spread the message: Teach others what you have learnt about fair trade and the positive benefits you can make through purchasing products that benefit the communities they are made in. Purchase a ‘fair trade’ present for someone special and encourage someone else to think fair trade!

We hope everyone celebrates World Fair Trade Day 2011 in some way. For more information on World Fair Trade Day 2011, please visit http://www.wftday.org/.