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At Shopanthropic, our goal is to provide ‘feel good’ products to mainstream consumers. Drawing inspiration from the latest styles and trends around the world, we aspire to provide sustainable fashion and lifestyle products. This sustainability can come in many forms, whether that be something that is socially-made or eco-friendly, or even organic and natural.

The concept that people can have a significant positive impact on the world through the purchasing decisions they make is something that is relatively new to society. Consequently, we realize that it isn’t an easy journey to create this change in people’s mindsets. So we believe the purchase of every product we provide is helping enable change somewhere around the world. It might be an eco-friendly paper journal made with cruelty-free leather that is helping improve the environment, or a hand-crafted necklace, where every sale is enabling an artisan to finally use their crafts to improve their lives and their communities, but they all have an impact.

Sustainability is the capacity to endure.

We aspire to help the artisans we work with be sustainable and endure against the odds the face in the poverty cycle, in the hopes that one day they will rise above it, and sustainably support their communities.

We aspire to protect the environment by creating products that are more sustainable that will the environment endure the current crisis, in the hopes that small steps like purchasing a product will cumulate into a sustainable difference.

We aspire to provide organic or natural products that allow mainstream consumers lead a more sustainable lifestyle that will endure as the trends and their tastes change, in the hopes that this creates a sustainable culture that transfers into all aspects of their life.

While some products are socially-made, others are eco-friendly and yet others are both – each product has an amazing story, purpose and impact tied to it. Explore our collection and help us enable change everywhere.