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To celebrate Earth Day 2011, we are dedicating a collection of sustainable products from our Home, Gifts, and Fashion collection to raise funds for Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more livable. In the month of April, 25% of proceeds from each sale of products from this collection will go towards supporting Evergreen’s endeavours in greening Canadian cities.

Evergreen was launched in 1991 and since then through their collaborative approach and extensive partner network, they are collaborating with thousands of Canadians coast to coast and working with individuals, municipalities, stewardship groups, community organizations, businesses, schools and other landowners to bring nature to cities through planting, habitat stewardship and community gardening. Besides providing various resources, they are helping Canadians through funding and grants in bringing nature to communities in every corner of the country.

Evergreen’s programs through which grants are available for Greening projects for schools and communities are:

• Toyota Evergreen Learning Grounds school ground greening grants

• Evergreen’s Common grounds Grants for community greening

• Wal-Mart – Evergreen Green Grants

• The Home Depot – Evergreen Rebuilding Nature Grant

Additionally, Evergreen is providing a list of organizations that provide further opportunities for funding greening projects.

Besides providing grants, Evergreen encourages Canadians to raise funds for their greening projects. Evergreen suggest Canadians to turn first to their own community for funding and contact local clubs as well as local businesses for contributions of in-kind goods, services and cash donations.

This April, purchase a sustainable product from our Earth Day collection and we’ll contribute 25% of retail price to Evergreen. Evergreen is one of Canada’s leading funders of community and school greening projects. So far they have provided over $5.7 million to more than 2,500 projects across Canada, ranging from wetland restoration to school ground food gardens.