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To celebrate Earth Day 2011, we are dedicating a collection of sustainable products from our Home, Gifts, and Fashion collection to raise funds for Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more livable. In the month of April, 25% of proceeds from each sale of products from this collection will go towards supporting Evergreen’s endeavours in greening Canadian cities.

Evergreen is empowering Canadians to create and protect green space in Canada’s urban municipalities while guaranteeing quality of life and economic health. Ready access to the best resources is a big part of that mandate. They cover everything from getting people together in your community or school to planning and design, planting a garden to managing your volunteers. You can view or download Evergreen publications, conference reports, workshop proceedings, teacher resources, newsletters, and much more from their website.

Resources available for community greening:
• Community Guidebooks & Factsheets that include: Project planning, design, & management, green space protection, and food gardening and local food resources
• Professional Guidebooks & Resources include: “Growing Opportunities” – a social service agencies guide to garden programming, and urban naturalization in Canada
• Various Available Research & Case Studies
• Also some videos and information available on various conference proceedings

Resources available for school ground greening:
• Getting Started: Various presentations and handouts are available for starting school ground greening projects
• Planning & Design: Hands-on-manual, design ideas for outdoor classes, guide and book for creating natural school grounds, and practical tips for energy conversation
• Case studies, videos, newsletters, volunteer management handbook, school ground greening FAQs
• Curriculum designed for school garden activities and teachers corner

Resources available for home greening:
• Gardening tips & tricks, support material for home gardening, native plant database, Evergreen-hosted and community events
• Benefits to using native plant species

Evergreen Publications:
• Annual reports and eNewsletters

This April, purchase a sustainable product from our Earth Day collection and we’ll contribute 25% of retail price to Evergreen. Step up and help us help Evergreen in their endeavours in empowering Canadians for greening urban communities.