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This Baroque Pearl Pendant necklace is a part of our Earth day collection. In celebration of Earth Day 2011, we will contribute 25% of retail price of this necklace to Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more livable.  By empowering communities, by providing innovative resources and by transforming educational values, Evergreen is bringing communities and nature together for the benefit of both.

Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace

Baroque Pearl Pendant Necklace

This necklace has a Baroque pearl pendant. Baroque pearls are unique forms of pearls because of their exquisite natural form and have an irregular shape. Cultured freshwater pearls are most commonly Baroque, because freshwater pearls are mantle-tissue nucleated instead of bead nucleated. Thus these pearls are rarely perfectly spherical and can appear in irregular shapes. Baroque pearls were highly prized by Renaissance jewellers, who saw them not as misshapen products of sea mollusks but rather considered them unique and exquisite.

Pearls are considered to be eco-friendly gems because pearls don’t require mining, pearls don’t require any chemical leaching, and most of all, pearls are found in mollusks which are used to culture pearls and these mollusks depend on a relatively stable environment and clear water in order to develop.

This Baroque Pearl pendant is made by a small artisan group in East Asia. By hand-wrapping stone in metal-finish frame, these artisans are creating exclusive pieces using their imagination and earning their livelihood. By purchasing this necklace you are supporting the environment and helping us help Evergreen in their endeavours in greening urban communities.