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To celebrate Earth Day 2011, we are dedicating a collection of sustainable products from our Home, Gifts, and Fashion collection to raise funds for Evergreen, a Canadian charity whose objective is to make cities more livable. In the month of April, 25% of proceeds from each sale of products from this collection will go towards supporting Evergreen’s endeavours in bringing nature in urban Canadian cities.

Besides working towards climate change and nature deficit disorder, key issues on which Evergreen is stressing include reducing habitat destruction and combating invasive species. We all know that loss of habitat where species lives, grows and reproduces is the single greatest threat to plants and animals in Canada.  All leaving creatures depend on a variety of habitats for survival. However, habitats across Canada are being destroyed at an alarming rate. Wetlands are being filled in, grasslands ploughed under, forests cut down, rivers diverted & dammed, and fast growing urban development, agricultural practice & alternative medicine industry are the key factors in causing habitat destruction.

Evergreen is working to restore, protect and steward habitat in urban areas across Canada and facilitating and funding community projects to remove invasive species and reintroduce native plants. By providing various fact sheets, tips for choosing native plant species, resources for starting a native plant garden, and by giving access to native plant database Evergreen is teaching Canadians the benefits of using native plant species and encouraging them come together to protect the environment.

This April, purchase a sustainable product from our Earth Day collection and we’ll contribute 25% of retail price to Evergreen. Step up and help us help Evergreen in their endeavours in reducing habitat destruction & combating invasive species.